Sustainability leadership coach and facilitator

Thalia is a big picture thinker and the picture for the planet, our life support system, is not good. After a career in community development, teaching and behaviour change in private, public and third sectors, she set up Thalia Carr Coaching, to help mid-career sustainability professionals to rediscover confidence, clarity and agency to increase their impact and build a better world.

Alongside coaching, Thalia facilitates open spaces where groups and networks can speak and share openly to come to good decisions. One such network is the Oxford Women in Sustainability group, part of an international network helping women to flourish in their sustainable careers. Thalia is the Oxford Hub Lead. What motivates Thalia is deep concern for the environment. She sees her part as supporting and enabling the people working to protect and restore our planet, as well as informing and inspiring others to understand the situation as it is and to join together to bring about radical change.


Twitter: @TC_coaching